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- Complete table of 18 genomes.

Assembly Name Identifier Line Accession Quality Toronto
Release Status
B73 RefGen_v1 Zm00001a B73   PRJNA10769 Representative no 2011 Completed
B73 RefGen_v2 Zm00001b B73   PRJNA10769 Representative no 2010 Completed
B73 RefGen_v3 Zm00001c B73   PRJNA72137 Representative no 2013 Completed
ZeaMays_PT_EDMX2233_1.0 Zm00002a Palomero Toluqueno   PRJNA51041 Scaffolds no 2011 Completed
Zm-B104-DRAFT-ISU_USDA-0.1 Zm00007a B104   Draft YES fall 2017 Draft pseudomolecules. Full reference genome release expected fall 2017.
Zm-B73-REFERENCE-GRAMENE-4.0 Zm00001d B73   Representative no 2016-09-16 Assembly and annotation released in spring, 2017
Zm-CML247-DRAFT-PANZEA-1.0 Zm00006a CML247   Draft no 5/30/2016 Assembly and annotation released
Zm-CML247-REFERENCE-PANZEA-1.1 Zm00006b CML247   PRJNA396542 Reference no 10/24/2017 Assembly released, annotation in progress
Zm-DK105-REFERENCE-TUM-1.0 Zm00016a DK105   PRJNA360923 Reference n/a 2018-10-01
Zm-EP1-REFERENCE-TUM-1.0 Zm00010a EP1   PRJNA360920 Reference no 1st of February 2017 (pre-release) Assembly and annotation released
Zm-F7-REFERENCE-TUM-1.0 Zm00011a F7   PRJNA360923 Reference no 1st of February 2017 (pre-release) Assembly and annotation released
Zm-Mo17-REFERENCE-CAU-1.0 Zm00014a Mo17   PRJNA358298 Reference no full release 2018 Assembly and annotation completed.
Zm-Mo17-REFERENCE-NRGENE-1.0 Zm00005a Mo17   Reference no n/a Not released. Replaced by Zm-Mo17-REFERENCE-CAU-1.0
Zm-Mo17-REFERENCE-YAN-1.0 Zm00009a Mo17   PRJNA299869 Reference no 'Nov, 2017 Assembly and annotation completed
Zm-PE0075-REFERENCE-TUM-1.0 Zm00017a PE0075   PRJNA360923 Reference n/a 2018-10-01
Zm-PH207-REFERENCE_NS-UIUC_UMN-1.0 Zm00008a PH207   PRJNA389728 Reference no Nov, 2016 Assembly and annotation completed
Zm-W22-REFERENCE-NRGENE-2.0 Zm00004b W22   PRJNA311133 Reference no December, 2016 Assembly and annotation completed
Zx-PI566673-REFERENCE-YAN-1.0 Zx00001a PI 566673   PRJNA299874 Reference no 'Nov, 2017 Assembly and annotation completed
Genome assembly nomenclature
Genome assemblies are named according to the following formula:
   [species abbreviation]-[cultivar or accession]-[quality]-[provider].[version]
   Zm-B73-REFERENCE-GRAMENE-4.0 (B73 reference genome version 4, from Gramene),
   Zx-PI566673-REFERENCE-YAN-1.0 (Zea mays spp. mexicana, PI 566673, reference genome version 1, from the Yan lab)

Genome identifiers are shorter versions used as prefixes to gene model identifiers. They take the form:
   [species abbreviation][5 digits]
   Zm0004d (Zm-B73-REFERENCE-GRAMENE-4.0)
   Zx0001a (Zx-PI566673-REFERENCE-YAN-1.0)

Annotation identifiers are built from genome identifiers:
   [genome identifer].[version]
   Zm0004d.2 (Zm-B73-REFERENCE-GRAMENE-4.0)
   Zx0001a.1 (Zx-PI566673-REFERENCE-YAN-1.0)

See the Genome Nomemclature Guidelines for more information.
Genome assemblies at MaizeGDB
MaizeGDB hosts all Zea mays genome assemblies that meet a minimum set of requirements. See more information about submitting a genome assembly to MaizeGDB here.

MaizeGDB provides three levels of support:
Full: Metadata, BLAST targets, downloads, browser, gene pages, synteny with B73 gene models.
Medium: Metadata, BLAST targets, downloads.
Basic: Metadata only.
Definition of terms
Draft genome
Genome has been sequenced and assembled into contigs, but contigs have not been assembled into pseudomolecules.
Data about data. Metadata for genome assemblies includes information about the plant that was sequenced, methods used, data providers and contributers, downloads, and more.
Reference genome
Genome has been completely sequenced and assembled into pseudomolecules.

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